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It designed the back to hide the current set of set-top boxes and others.It was important to arrange the location of the product, the seonjeongni, and the different lines of ports.As a result, we were able to position and organize our products and lines through two spaces.

Designed By Seongkeoung Son
All Pictures cannot be copied without permission Copyright ⓒ PDF HAUS


The depth of the TV decreased to 25 mm.Advances in technology include the disappearance of various components, including backlight lights.I wondered how to use the empty space to mend past TV sets.Then I noticed that there is a set-top box or a router near the TV station.Most of the houses are pictured below.It is not a pleasant sight.

The concept of former TV sets was captured as a venue for hiding the current sets of TV sets and the like.It also adopted elements such as udeuteul elements, bridges, and elements of conventional models, and decided to reject elements such as buttons that do not currently need them.The concept of household appliances, such as furniture, was collected throughout the entire household.

It was organized through two separate spaces.
The door to the left of the allows the identification of electronic devices at any time via the hinge. The door to the right is easy to use as a magnetic strip in the form of magnetic strip.In particular, it is possible to organize the lines as desired via magnetic particles. Vent is a component of the release of the internal electronics produced by the internal electronics and the signal of the set-top box.

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