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DESIGN FOR WHOM  : Theodore of 'Her'

People who are in dreamy and romantic backgrounds that are pastel tones of the air surrounding the skyscrapers seem difficult to express their feelings. This place lack something. This is the 'communication' that occurs directly between humans and humans, or the 'handling of feelings' required in the process. Therefore, people are willing to pay for products of companies that work well for 'emotional labor', what they can't do, instead of themselves. Theodore, the main character, who works for a company that sells emotional products, can be explained as a representative symbol of ‘her’.

Designed By JiHye Lee
All Pictures cannot be copied without permission Copyright ⓒ PDF HAUS


On the way to work, that day was gloomy and boring as usual. He pay attentions to a billboard advertising for a company of Element Software that shows anxious crowds. The reason why they feel insecure is that they don't know who they are and where should they go. Theodore decided to buy OS after seeing the ad. 
This project is to design products of AI, "An intuitive entity that listens to you, understands you, and knows you", for bad users at communicating and expressing their emotions. 

He has been separated from his wife, living a lonely and empty life. He's that delicate and emotional. He works for a ghost writer who sends the heart of people for them, but in fact, he feels difficulty of expressing his own emotion and communicating with people. Then one day, he meets Samantha, an artificial intelligence operating system that thinks and feels for herself.

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